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Album Mémoire et Cinéma

Isabelle Durin, violin - Michaël Ertzscheid, piano

Released in 2018 on Paraty label

[ distributed by Harmonia Mundi / PIAS ]

Mémoire et Cinéma is an anthology of film music evoking Jewish history and the Second World War, specifically the Shoah: Yentl, Fiddler On the Roof, Life is Beautiful, Exodus, Schindler's List, My Yiddishe Momma, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Passenger of the Sans-Souci, The Farewell Concerto, Madame Rosa….

Composers such as John Williams, Michel Legrand and Nicola Piovani have been able to create a musical world with unforgettable melodies which employ strings to evoke both tender and passionate emotions.

These arrangements for violin and piano bring an additional perspective to the original scores and render the melodies more intimate and yet at the same time lively and captivating.

The album is available on all principal online sites.

The album is available on the main online music platforms:


The album was in listening terminals at Fnac, when it was released.

Album Romantisme hébraïque

Isabelle Durin, violin - Michaël Ertzscheid, piano

Released in 2008  - Disque Jade / Universal

Œuvres de George Perlman, Joseph Achron, Max Bruch, Ernest Bloch, John Williams…

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